Hollywood, the physical manifestation of the Golden Calf the American Dream dances around in mindless, abject worship. The place where dreams are born, and where they go to die beneath the uncaring glitter and glamour of the earthbound star's gilded homes. And yet, even as the fevered dreams of half the world congeal into this modern-day melting pot of human ambition, the eternally shining lights still illuminate nothing but the false shadow-images of the Fallen World.

But behind the lights, beyond the feeble dreams and tawdry ambitions of fame and glory everlasting, or until the next big thing comes along, whichever comes first, a brighter, truer light burns still, held aloft by the small, scattered and deeply fractured Awakened society. Will this true Light one day spread to forever drive back the shadows of the Lie… or will the boundless hunger of the yearning Abyss swallow their hopes and dreams whole in a mocking rendition of "As Above, So Below"? Only time, and these tales, will tell…

Movie Magic

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