Atalanta - Catalina Moya


Path: Moros Order: Adamantine Arrows Nimbus:Virtue: Steadfast Vice: Cold Fury

Strength: 2 Intelligence: 3 Presence: 3
Dexterity: 4 Wits: 2 Manipulation: 1
Stamina: 2 Resolve: 2 Composure: 3


Even though Atalanta is new to the Awakened World, she carries herself with confidence. She was inititated into the Adamantine Arrows, but has little contact with other members of the order.

She is, however, very dedicated to her new Cabal, and sees herself as their protector. As such she is willing to put herself in harms way to shield the other members or be the one to hurt their enemies if need be.

Atalanta regards the politics of the Awakened with amusement; a life on the streets of Los Angeles have taught her that what the high and mighty decide have little effect on the lives of normal people, except to make things worse.

Fixing things, pulling them apart and putting them back together are the things that give Atalanta peace of mind. She can spend countless hours fine tuning her bike and her gun.

She is slowly turning her mind towards the supernal and spend more of her time researching and learning about the secrets of magic – she seems almost obsessed with find answers to the Great Mysteries.

Atalanta - Catalina Moya

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