Cecil Beauregarde

Amateur occultist and desperate spiritist


Cecil Beauregarde is a southern gentleman in his 80s, who arrived with his parents in 1938 Hollywood to work in the moving pictures! His mother Gladys, a singer, ruined her voice with cigarettes and his father Abraham ruined his bank account with cocaine and stardom never materialized. Cecil however was made of different stuff. During the 40s, he was a teen heart-throb in “My Shining Baby” and “Love Me Forever And Then One More Day”, classic films about how the dirty japs and krauts came in the way of true American love.
In 1948 at age 18, he married Ilse Schultz, an actress-refugee who had arrived post-war after an escape from eastern Germany. The couple eventually had 3 children, all died early. Cecil’s acting career went on the wane after the marriage to a commie-kraut and he narrowly escaped being listed as a red during the McCarthy days. Looking for easier ways to make a living, he turned to producing stagfilms and short-reels of adult entertainment, racy by the standards of the day but barely 5 minutes of your average Game of Thrones episode in modern times. He funnelled his smut-money into producing real movies, and has been credited as an executive producer on over 35 major motion pictures since 1960.
In 1987 he retired from the industry after the failure of his horror-epos “The Jungle-Bats of Vietnam” where Hulk Hogan fought Vietcong vampires. All in all, having greenlit this project, it was time to go. In 1990 Ilse (Who had by now changed her name to the more American Daisy Beauregarde) had a stroke that left her comatose. Tearfully, Cecil allowed the doctors to end lifesupport after six months without improvement.
Since 1991, Cecil has been a regular at every séance, fortune-telling and Ouija-board outing in the greater L.A. area. He still lives in his lavish yet empty and creaking mansion in the Hollywood Hills, with realtors hungrily circling the elderly man’s home like ferocious jackals. In these spots he hosts his own mystery cult, “The Mirror Beyond” whose stated goal is to speak to the dead, especially Daisy. In practice, it’s an excuse to wear robes and network with fellow people in the industry while entertaining poor old Cecil.

Cecil has been a regular at your occult-shop since before it was your occult-shop. He’s a kindly if raucous old man, with a pencil-thin moustache and what can only be called Buscemi-eyes. He speaks in a broad southern drawl, indicating Georgia Peaches and lynch-mobs. He comes in 2-3 times a week, looking for anything new that could benefit his secret society. He has not inducted any of you as members, though he may be willing to do so in the future in exchange for a chance to speak to daisy again.

Cecil Beauregarde

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