Tanya Azarov

Mayor's aide and reluctant occultist


Tanya Azarov really wishes she wasn’t into the occult. It’s so embarrassing! But she just can’t help herself. She scribbles little symbols of luck on her handwritten notes. She lays the tarot before big moments at work. She’s even dabbled in qabalah and look what that crap did to Madonna!
She’s shy and quiet when she’s not wearing her iron-lady mask on the clock as the assistant to Tom Valencia, mayor of the City of Santa Monica. She’ll come into the store once a month or so, but when she shows up, you know it’s monty haul time – She’ll buy ANYTHING new about ANY occult topic. Does she even read all those books she buys? Who knows, who cares. Just once, she paid to have her fortune told, but that was perhaps too rich for her blood since she hasn’t come back for more readings¨

Tanya is available as a contact for 1 merit. Assume she has a deep knowledge of local politics that affects Santa Monica, and an eye for the unusual. She’ll happily accept payment in the form of occult secrets. However: Tanya is NOT a sleepwalker – Displays of magic around her will terrify her, confuse her, ultimately be forgotten and perhaps most seriously – Cause paradox.

Tanya Azarov

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